Spiritual Care Services

Answers to Common Questions about Spiritual Care

The hospital has a full-time chaplain available Monday through Friday during regular working hours. However, Chaplains are available at any time.  The patient’s nurse only needs to contact the hospital operator at extension 5000 when a chaplain is required after regular working hours and on weekends.

Accessing Spiritual Care at Hunt Regional

Spiritual care seeks to help patients find meaning, discover value, and maintain hope. It supports the patient’s belief system, often providing health benefits and comfort during difficult times.

Religious care in the hospital setting is ideally provided through an existing relationship between the patient and their religious entity. In other words, the patient’s pastor, minister, or other clergy may provide meaningful care while their member is hospitalized. The hospital spiritual care team does not seek to replace or substitute for this valuable relationship—we encourage it!

The pastoral care department (spiritual care department) employs a staff chaplain who responds to patient, family, and staff needs during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. Hunt Regional also partners with community clergy members who have been screened and oriented about patient rights and confidentiality. The staff chaplain coordinates and provides oversight of services provided by these community clergy. These valued community clergy members provide care during regular business hours as needed in partnership with the staff chaplain and after-hours spiritual care.

You do not need to be religious to receive spiritual care. While an individual’s religious foundation may provide support during a health crisis or difficult times, even individuals with no religious affiliation have a spiritual dimension. They may sense a spiritual need while hospitalized.

Spiritual or pastoral care in a hospital setting is part of a patient's care plan. It focuses on the spiritual clinical needs of a patient in support and partnership with other healthcare team members.


Dennis is married, father of six, and currently the grandfather of 12.  He and his wife were married in 1986 and served as missionaries for 37 years before moving to Texas.  He was born and raised in southeast Alabama.  He is a military veteran having served in the USMC (E-5, Infantry) as a young man.  While in ministry to military members stationed overseas on Guam, he was commissioned as a USAF Air National Guard Chaplain in 2012. Dennis is an experienced non-denominational, local church pastor. He holds two graduate degrees along with a DMin.  He is endorsed for military and hospital chaplaincy by Bible Churches Chaplaincy, Grandville, MI.

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Patient forms, the advance directive, privacy statement, and other information will be provided in Spanish if needed. A translator will be provided to help you and your family communicate with hospital staff if needed. Translation service is available in several languages.

All patient rooms are equipped with telephones.

  • Credit card or collect long-distance calls may be placed by dialing 9 + 0 + the number.
  • To get an outside line, dial 9.
  • To call a patient room direct, dial 903-408-1 + the three digit room number.

Hunt Regional Medical Center patients who do not wish to receive telephone calls can notify the operator by dialing 0.

Telephones for the hearing impaired are available on request.