Billing & Insurance


It's important to understand that you're responsible for payment, regardless of your insurance coverage or other factors involved in your treatment. When hospitalized, we'll request your insurance information and card for verification. A deposit may be required if your insurance doesn't cover the anticipated bill. We'll bill your insurance company, but you must pay deductibles, co-payments, and any difference between estimated coverage and hospital charges upon discharge. Cash, check, money order, or significant credit card payments can be made. Online payment options are also available.

If you anticipate problems, arrange financing with your credit union, bank, or personal funds. Slow insurance payments can be problematic, potentially requiring you to pay the bill in full if your insurance carrier doesn't meet payment deadlines. We encourage you to address this issue directly with your insurance company. Overpayments will be promptly refunded.

Please check with your insurance provider for details about coverage of outpatient healthcare services offered by Hunt Regional Medical Center.

When you visit one of our clinics or have diagnostic services performed, you will be asked for your insurance information. Other payment options can be discussed then, or you may call ahead to ask questions about paying for outpatient services.

Healthcare services provided by your doctor are billed separately from hospital charges.