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Imaging and Radiology at Hunt Regional

Imaging and radiology offers a non-invasive way for specially trained doctors, called radiologists, to view and assess structures inside of the body. At Hunt Regional Medical Center in Greenville, Texas, our expert radiologists are equipped to evaluate a wide variety of diagnostic images, to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many illnesses and injuries.

Our skilled imaging and radiology staff uses the latest equipment and technology, designed with an emphasis on your comfort. For example, our Oasis Open MRI provides a clear view of the exam room for patients who are uneasy in the confined space of a traditional MRI machine, while our Woman’s Touch® Mammopad® uses foam cushioning for softer mammograms.

We also have policies and protocols in place to ensure that we use the lowest levels of radiation possible during your diagnostic imaging appointment. For additional information regarding radiation and other common patient inquiries, view our list of Imaging and Radiology FAQs.

Discounted pre-paid pricing

We accept most insurance plans and offer affordable cash price options to make sure our patients have easy and convenient access to imaging services. The discounted pre-paid price amount is collected in one initial payment and includes the radiologist's interpretation.

You will receive a voucher to be presented at the time of service. Here is more information about pre-paid prices for imaging.

Imaging orders

A physician order is required for imaging services. When your doctor requests imaging, it is the patient's right to choose where that imaging takes place. Click here to find contact information for imaging locations.

Imaging order forms

Hunt Regional Medical Center (PDF)
Hunt Regional Emergency Medical Center at Commerce (PDF)
Hunt Regional Emergency Medical Center at Quinlan (PDF)
Hunt Regional Open Imaging (PDF)

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