Ultrasound testing uses sound waves instead of radiation to "see" inside your body. It is a safe, painless procedure.

During this test, high-frequency sound waves are directed at a specific organ. The sound waves hit the target and bounce back as a series of echoes, which the scanner analyzes to create a visible image.

Ultrasounds can be performed to evaluate different parts of the body, including but not limited to the:

  • Abdomen
  • Aorta
  • Bladder
  • Gallbladder
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • And prostate

In the case of an obstetrical ultrasound (sonogram), sound waves are directed at an embryo or fetus in order to create pictures of a growing baby.

Preparing for an Ultrasound

How you prepare for your exam will depend on the type of ultrasound you are scheduled for. To get a list of detailed instructions based on your specific ultrasound. Your doctor will also be able to explain any necessary directions that must be followed.

  • Obstetrical Ultrasound (Sonogram)
    Requires a full bladder
  • Drink 16 oz of liquid 30 minutes before the exam
  • Do not urinate until after the exam
  • Children may not accompany you into the exam room. If you must bring children with you, please bring another adult along to stay with them in the waiting area.
  • This exam usually takes one hour
  • Take a cleansing enema 1-2 hours before the exam
  • Empty your bladder just before the exam.
  • This exam takes about 30 minutes
  • Drink 12 oz of water 1 hour before the exam
  • Please do not empty your bladder within 30 minutes of the exam
  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight before the exam

What to Expect During an Ultrasound

At the start of an ultrasound, a water-soluble gel is applied to the area of your body to be examined. An imaging transducer is then moved slowly over the area to produce the images visible on a “TV screen” and recorded digitally.

Most exams take about 30 minutes, although some procedures may be more prolonged.

Following ultrasound testing, the images are read and evaluated by a radiologist, and the results are discussed with your doctor.


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