Orthopedic Surgery

Our ability to move comes from the musculoskeletal system. When something is wrong with this system, it can make moving difficult or even impossible. Orthopedic surgery can be used to treat certain problems that affect the musculoskeletal system such as broken bones, torn tendons, joint problems and more.

Hunt Regional Healthcare frequently performs Orthopedic surgery. Two of the most common surgeries are total knee replacement and total hip replacement. Nationwide, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control states that 719,000 knee replacements and 332,000 hip replacements are performed every year. All of these surgeries are performed by orthopedic surgeons.

Types of Orthopedic Surgery

Our orthopedic surgeons routinely perform replacement surgeries involving the hip, knee and shoulders. As mentioned above, these types of orthopedic surgeries are very common in the United States. After recovery from hip replacement or knee replacement, many patients go on to live pain-free and experience better movement and mobility in the area of their replacement.

Hunt Regional Medical Center offers robotic-arm assisted total knee and partial knee replacements with Stryker’s Mako System. This highly advanced robotic technology transforms the way joint replacement surgery is performed.

The surgeon guides the robotic-arm and selectively targets only the damaged part of the knee. This helps spare the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding the knee joint.

Studies have shown robotic-arm assisted partial knee replacement to be two to three times more accurate than manual partial knee replacement procedures. The innovative technique also leads to a reduced need for post-operative pain medication and physical therapy following surgical procedures. Patients experience a speedier recovery process, without the need for lengthy or risky pain management.

Learn more about our Stryker robotic-arm assisted surgery


Minimally invasive (MIS) joint surgeries are similar to those mentioned above, only they do not require large incisions and therefore have shorter recovery times. These surgeries use small incisions to replace certain joints in the body. While MIS joint surgeries may be ideal for some patients, others may require more invasive, total joint replacement surgeries to experience the best results. Orthopedic surgeons are trained to do what they can to avoid the most invasive method if at all possible, but sometimes it may be the best solution.

When a tendon in the shoulder is torn, rotator cuff surgery can help fix it. Orthopedic surgeons may perform the procedure through a large incision or through a shoulder arthroscopy, which uses much smaller incisions. The method will really depend on the severity and exact location of the rotator cuff tear.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be an extremely painful and life-altering condition of the hands. Carpal tunnel surgeries are designed to relieve the pain by releasing pressure on the median nerve. This usually involves an incision at the base of the hand, where the orthopedic surgeon will then cut the carpal ligament.

When a person is having difficulty with their hands or fingers, an orthopedic surgeon may perform hand and finger surgeries to relieve the pain and/or increase mobility. These surgeries can vary in terms of invasiveness depending on the exact problem in the hand or finger.

Strains, sprains, fractures, bruises, scrapes and concussions are common sports injuries, especially among youth athletes. In fact, 1.35 million youths experience a serious sports injury every year. Not all of those injuries require surgery, but orthopedic surgeons at Hunt Regional are standing by if needed. We regularly perform sports injury surgeries to repair injuries to the knee, ACL, MCL, PCL, tendons and joints.

When an orthopedic surgeon needs a clear view inside a joint to diagnose an issue and develop the proper treatment plan, he or she may perform an arthroscopy. This procedure allows the surgeon to see inside the joint, after which they can decide what the diagnosis and/or best treatment method may be. This is a very common surgical procedure among orthopedic surgeons.

It’s easy to take our ability to move for granted. When something happens and our mobility is hindered, however, orthopedic surgeons can help get us back on our feet again. No matter which orthopedic surgery you or your loved one may be preparing for, we are here for you.

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