Breathing problems can beckon the need for a view of the inside of the lungs, but instead of resorting to invasive measures, doctors can perform a bronchoscopy. This procedure uses a thin tube (bronchoscope) to look at the lungs. The bronchoscope is inserted into the nose or mouth (depending on whether there is a breathing tube in place) and pushed down into the throat.

Attached to the bronchoscope is a small camera and light that allows the surgeon to see inside the airways. When the doctor can clearly see inside the lungs, airways and throat, he or she can better diagnose the cause of a lung problem and determine the proper treatment method.

When a bronchoscopy procedure is conducted, it may reveal a number of concerns, including the following:

  • Tumor (cancerous or noncancerous)
  • Signs of an infection
  • Excess mucus in the airways
  • Bleeding
  • An object blocking the airways
  • The reason for a chronic cough
  • And more

Our surgeons conduct bronchoscopies on a regular basis. Even though this is considered a minimally invasive procedure because no incisions are made, Hunt Regional surgeons perform a bronchoscopy with the utmost care. We know these procedures can still be scary and intimidating to patients, which is why our team of medical professionals works with you to ensure you are comfortable and stress-free.

After undergoing a bronchoscopy, you may find that your throat is sore or that your voice is hoarse, and you may have minor risk of bleeding, fever or pneumonia. However, a bronchoscopy is generally a safe procedure and you have nothing to worry about. No matter when you may be undergoing a bronchoscopy, remember that our experienced team of medical professionals is here for you.

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