Greenville – Hunt Regional Healthcare is pleased to announce the arrival of a new da Vinci Xi at Hunt Regional Medical Center. The da Vinci Xi is the most advanced robotic-assisted surgical system manufactured by Intuitive.

Using the da Vinci Xi, the surgeon operates by making precise and steady movements from a console in the operating room. Tremor-free, intricate movements can be executed by the surgeon using the controls. With a crystal-clear, 3D view magnified 10X, the surgeon can see more than the naked eye. There is a miniaturized surgical camera and specialized instruments, which are designed to help with dissection and reconstruction deep inside the body.

“By putting patients first, we will continue to provide best-in-class medical services in our area,” said Chief Executive Officer of Hunt Regional Healthcare, Lee Boles. “We are thrilled to be able to utilize high-tech surgical equipment, which will be a great benefit to the patients we serve.”

Robotic-assisted surgery, a type of minimally invasive surgery, can lead to less pain, less time in the hospital, and a quicker recovery.

“This is a great example of the power of technology and what it allows us to do,” said Babak Abbassi, MD with Hunt Regional Specialists. “The da Vinci Xi allows me to do the job of two surgeons with four arms.”

Initially, general surgery procedures for hernia, gallbladder, adrenal glands, colon cancer, pancreas, and diverticulitis may be candidates for this robotic-assisted surgery at Hunt Regional Medical Center. Additional procedures may follow, such as gynecological or urological surgeries.

Surgeon with robotic arm equipment