Externship Programs

Are you a healthcare student eager to gain real-world experience and make a meaningful impact? Hunt Regional Healthcare offers paid externship opportunities that provide valuable hands-on training and exposure to a diverse range of medical specialties.

Our externship program provides a supportive and collaborative learning environment that allows you to expand your knowledge, build your professional network, and gain practical experience that will enhance your career prospects.

Whether you’re a medical student, nursing student, or allied health student, our externship opportunities offer a unique and rewarding experience to advance your education and career. Join us at Hunt Regional Healthcare and take the first step towards a successful healthcare career, while completing your degree.

Hunt Regional Healthcare assists in paying:

  • Tuition*
  • Books
  • Fees
  • Licensure exam fees

The program encourages post-graduation employment if positions are available.

* Or you can receive a $10,000 bonus once you graduate per year up to 3 years once in a full-time spot.

The externship program is designed to:

  • Help students become familiar with a hospital setting
  • Encourage interactions between physicians and other care providers
  • Help students gain more clinical experience and practice in their field
  • Allow students to learn various disease processes
  • Help strengthen self-confidence
  • Expand clinical knowledge and skills

The extern position is a paid position. It requires a minimum of two shifts per pay period.


Respiratory Therapy

Email: csnarr@huntregional.org