Behavioral Health Transitional Care


The Hunt Regional Healthcare Behavioral Health Transitional Care Clinic (BHTC), specializes in short-term behavioral health services designed to engage patients in their own care, prevent mental health hospitalizations, and transition them back to long-term care providers such as their primary care physicians (PCPs) or dedicated mental health clinics.

The BHTC was established to address the pressing need for immediate outpatient care for patients who do not qualify for inpatient care but require urgent psychiatric attention. Our clinic plays a crucial role in reducing the burden of extended psychiatric visits in emergency rooms, offering a vital bridge to ensure patients receive timely and appropriate care.


Psychiatry is the medical treatment of mental health, addressing both physical and mental symptoms, typically with medication. A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner provides this care.
Psychotherapy involves therapy and counseling to help patients manage their mental health. Our licensed clinical social worker or counselor provides it.


Each provider evaluates the patient based on their presenting issues. During counseling, the provider asks questions about the patient's mental status, home/family/work life, substance use, and coping to develop a therapeutic plan and approach.

The psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner assesses similar issues and reviews health and medical aspects, including imaging and labs, to determine the necessary medical intervention.

Refer a Patient

The BHTC accepts self-referrals and provider referrals. You can schedule an appointment by calling 903.408.5760. We offer both in-person and telehealth services.


  • Hunt Regional Behavioral Health Transitional Care Clinic
    • 4215 Joe Ramsey Blvd. E., Greenville, TX 75401
    • 903.408.5760