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Ostomy Outpatient Clinic

The Ostomy Outpatient Clinic offers training, education, and support aimed at improving quality of life for persons who have had ostomy surgery. Ostomy surgery may be required when normal bladder or bowel function is lost due to birth defects, disease, injury or other disorders. The surgery allows normal bodily wastes to be expelled through a surgical opening (stoma) on the abdominal wall.

The clinic helps ostomy patients be as comfortable as possible and to care for themselves properly in an effort to prevent future complications. Any ostomy patient may use the clinic's services - a doctor's referral is not necessary.

Staffed by an Ostomy Nurse (ET Nurse), the Ostomy Outpatient Clinic provides:

  • Preoperative counseling on the benefits of the surgery and the essential facts about living with a stoma.
  • Experienced professional medical support and stoma nursing care in the pre- and post-operative period
  • Full and impartial information about all relevant supplies and products available
  • Support and information for the benefit of family, friends, and personal caregivers to increase their understanding of the condition and lifestyle adjustments necessary
  • Yearly follow up

Types of Ostomy


A surgically created opening in the abdominal wall that allows the passage of digested food. It may be temporary or permanent, depending upon the portion of the colon involved.


A small surgically created opening in the small intestine through which digested food passes. It may be temporary or permanent, and may involve removal of all or part of the colon.


A surgical procedure that diverts urine from a diseased or defective bladder. It may include removal of the bladder.

The Ostomy Outpatient Clinic Location

Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville

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