Hunt Regional

Diabetes Wound Care

Sometimes diabetes can lead to complications, some of which make it difficult for wounds to heal. In these situations, medical care may be needed to prevent infection. Hunt Regional’s Wound Care Center, located in Greenville, provides treatment for wounds resulting from diabetes.

The Center’s interdisciplinary team of wound care specialists works together to:

  • Improve healing rates
  • Prevent amputations in chronic wound cases

The managed care approach at the Wound Care Center assists the physician caring for specific wound problems without interfering with overall patient care. Our clinical staff members have access to the nation’s largest database of treatment outcomes. The center operates under the auspices of Diversified Clinical Services, Inc.

Wound management for diabetes patients begins with an assessment of medical history and present physical condition. A personalized plan of care for each patient is based on wound evaluation, vascular assessment, nutritional assessment, and laboratory results.

For more information about diabetes wound care, please call us at 903-408-5150.

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