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Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Team

At Hunt Regional Healthcare, we believe that success begins with teamwork. Our rehab services team is committed to helping patients overcome challenges and get back to their daily lives as soon as possible. How do we do this? By designing a highly individualized treatment plan so every patient receives innovative and compassionate care. These plans are facilitated by our:

  • Program Director, Raymond Lenz
  • Medical Director, William B. Winn, D.O.
  • Case Coordinator, Jason Burchett

We also want you and your family members to feel confident in your treatment as well as in your team who will help you carry out the plan. Our dedicated team of physicians and therapists are experts in the following areas:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Social work
  • 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care

Other services such as psychology and prosthesis training may be provided by other physicians/staff members based on the unique needs of each patient.

Meet Our Physicians

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians are here to lead each patient’s rehab program. Click on a physician’s name to learn more about him.

William B. Winn, D.O.

Primary Affiliation: Hunt Regional Medical Center

Our Team’s Progressive Approach

Our team strive to meet the needs of everyone involved in the rehabilitation process – patients and family members. This progressive approach helps ensure every treatment plan is designed with the patient in mind, to maximize recovery and progress at a personalized pace. Our rehab team keeps patients focused on their recovery goals and potential, rather than on limitations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the rehab services our team at Hunt Regional offers, you can visit our Inpatient Rehabilitation and Outpatient Rehabilitation sections.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact us at 903-408-1886.

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