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Our Team of Home Healthcare Professionals

squeezing strength ballAt Hunt Regional Home Care, we understand two things:

  1. Home is where you want to be while recovering from an injury or illness
  2. Transitioning from the hospital back to home can be challenging

It is our job to make your transition and recovery period go as smoothly as possible. Our team of home health aides, skilled nurses and therapists know how to do just that.

Trained to carry out your doctor’s orders, our team will be there to provide the care you require. Although your injury/illness and prescribed treatment plan will determine who makes up your home care team, the health professionals you may interact with include:

Home Health Aides

Our home health aides assist patients who cannot be left at home alone. They are trained to help with daily routines and activities like:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Eating

And may also provide basic medical care such as:

  • Checking pulse rate
  • Checking temperature
  • Giving medicine
  • Helping with artificial limbs or walking aids

Home health aides are also responsible for noting changes in a patient’s condition, and alerting family members, nurses and/or doctors to these changes.

Skilled Nurses

Our registered nurses (RNs) and licensed vocational nurses provide clinical care and education to home-bound patients. They may help carry out a doctor’s orders by:

  • Explaining a patient’s post-hospital treatment plan
  • Teaching a patient how to manage his injury or illness
  • Checking medication dosages
  • Administering medication by way of injection, IV or catheter
  • Administering other forms of treatment
  • Observing a patient’s condition
  • Communicating with physicians and other health professionals
  • And more

A registered nurse is also available by phone all day, every day to ensure your needs are met.

Wound and Ostomy Nurses

Certain nurses, known as wound and ostomy nurses, may be called in to provide a specific type of care for patients with bedsores, complicated wounds or ostomies. And since 2001, Hunt Regional Home Care has provided one of the only wound and ostomy nurses in the northeast Texas region.

In addition to caring for non-healing, open and surgical wounds, our nurse is trained to provide post-surgery care, education and rehabilitation planning for patients who received an ostomy.

In-Home Therapists

Our home healthcare therapists work with patients to help them regain or improve their ability to move, carry out meaningful tasks or communicate. Depending on the injury or illness, patients may work with a:

Physical Therapist

A professional who helps restore mobility and physical function in patients recovering from a stroke, back pain, burns, wounds, amputation and other illnesses/injuries.

Occupational Therapist

A professional dedicated to helping patients work toward independent living. This is done by redeveloping physical skills needed to complete daily activities (i.e. eating, dressing, bathing) and work-related tasks.

Speech-Language Pathologist

A professional trained to restore a patient’s communication skills by addressing speech/language difficulties, hearing issues and swallowing issues.

The Hunt Regional Home Care team also includes a registered dietitian who can create diets and provide nutrition education tailored to a patient’s medical treatment plan. A medical social worker is also available, to help individuals adjust to their injury or illness.

To learn more about our professionals, visit our Home Health Care Team FAQ page. You can also contact Hunt Regional Home Care at 903-408-1950 or at 800-735-2988 for those who are hearing impaired.

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