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Patient and Visitor FAQ

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When can I visit a hospital patient?

Primary visitation times for regular inpatient rooms are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
For a list of visitation times for specific hospital departments, such as the NICU or the Women’s Center, please go to our Visiting Hours page.

My grandmother is scheduled for surgery and she doesn't speak English. Will someone be able to communicate with her in Spanish?

Yes. A translator will be provided for her. She can also get the necessary patient forms in Spanish.

More bilingual information.

My child has a fever and a sore throat. Should I take him to the Emergency Room?

Call your own doctor first and follow his or her instructions. If you do not have a regular doctor, take your child to the Hunt Regional Quick+Care. The clinic is open every day except Christmas and New Year's Day.

Emergency Room (ER) patients undergo medical screening before treatment. All non-emergency patients must pay for ER services before they can be treated (or pay their insurance co-pay).

Can I call my friend in the hospital?

If you know the patient's room number, dial 903-408-1 plus the three-digit room number. This will connect you directly to the patient's room.

If you don't know the room number, call 903-408-5000 and ask to be connected to your friend's room.

Where do I take my mother for cancer treatments? Do I have to drive to Dallas?

The Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center administers both chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer patients. The cancer center is part of Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville. Your mother's doctor will schedule her treatment appointments at the Cancer Center.

Get directions to Hunt Regional Medical Center.

How do I get ready for my mammogram?

You can find out how to get ready for your mammogram by visiting our page on preparing for diagnostic imaging tests.

Learn more about having a mammogram.

Who files a claim with my insurance company to pay for treatment?

When you are admitted for hospitalization or treatment, you will be asked for information about your health care insurance provider. Our financial office will use this information to file the claim for you. You will be responsible for payment of any charges not covered by your insurance carrier.

I'm a registered nurse. How can I apply for a job with the hospital?

Go to our Careers page for a listing of nursing positions available. Scroll down the page to complete and submit an online employment application form.

I've just been diagnosed with diabetes. How do I learn to live with this?

Our Diabetes Self-Management Center can help you learn how to cope with the disease.

Where can I get something to eat after I visit a patient in the hospital?

Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville has a cafeteria on the first floor. There are several vending machine areas in both hospitals.

Does the hospital send an ambulance in case of emergency?

If you have an emergency call 911, do not call the hospital!

Be prepared to give your name, the phone number and address you are calling from, and a description of the emergency.

Hunt Regional Healthcare contracts with Hunt County Emergency Medical Services to provide ambulance service.

Does the hospital make a profit on my treatment?

Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville is part of Hunt Memorial Hospital District, a tax-supported, not for profit, county-wide health care system.

I'm new to the area. How do I find a family doctor?

Use our handy "Find a Physician" tool. It is a complete list of physicians associated with Hunt Regional Medical Center at Greenville.

I'm coming from out of town for a CAT Scan. How do I find the hospital?

This Locations page includes a list of our medical facilities. Click on the location at which you’ve scheduled your test, and from there you can click on the map to get exact directions based on where you’re coming from.