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Our Team of Wound Care Specialists at Hunt Regional

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Thomas Kraven, M.DOur team of wound care specialists, based in Greenville, Texas, is ready and waiting to provide the specialized medical attention you need. Specifically trained in the care of non-healing wounds, our staff works to achieve improved healing rates and less amputations in chronic wound cases. We do this by assessing, treating and creating plans for continued care. Additionally, we have access to the nation’s largest database of treatment outcomes.

Leading our wound care team is Dr. Thomas Kraven, who is trained in wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

Wound Care Nurses

Nurse bandaging a woundWorking alongside Dr. Kraven is our team of wound care nurses. These nurses may be called upon to care for those who have bedsores or other complicated wounds. Patient education is another area in which our nurses excel. Because complex wounds often need ongoing care, they are skilled at teaching patients and caregivers how to clean, bandage and monitor wounds, once back at home.

These healthcare professionals are also trained to provide ostomy care. So, in addition to caring for non-healing, open and surgical wounds, they are also skilled at providing post-surgery care, education and rehab planning for patients who received an ostomy.

In cases where patients require assistance after being discharged from the hospital, our wound and ostomy nurses are also available to provide in-home care.

To learn more about our wound care team members and services, please call us at 903-408-5150.