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Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Clinic

Physical, Occupational & Speech-Language Therapy in Greenville, TX

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Map of Outpatient Therapy entranceRehabilitation therapy services at Hunt Regional Medical Center include high quality, innovative, compassionate care to the community through its outpatient clinic.

The individual talents and skills of our highly competent, committed rehabilitation team ensure that every patient receives the best rehabilitation program to meet their needs.

Experience therapy services at the newly renovated Rehabilitation and Fitness Center, located on the second floor of Hunt Regional Medical Center in the Medical Pavilion:

Hunt Regional Medical Center, 2nd Floor
4215 Joe Ramsey Blvd.
Greenville, Texas 75401

Phone: 903-408-1886

Outpatient Therapy Programs We Provide

At our Greenville-based clinic, we offer five main outpatient rehabilitation programs:

  • Physical Therapy to supports patients who are looking to restore physical function and mobility. 
  • Occupational Therapy for patients who are looking to improve their daily living and/or work skills.
  • Speech-Language Therapy for patients who have difficulties communicating and/or swallowing.
  • Pediatric Speech Therapy specifically designed for children who have speech, language, cognitive communication and swallowing disorders.
  • Cognitive Therapy for patients experiencing memory loss or trouble with thought processing.

If you have an upcoming physical, occupational or speech-language therapy appointment, please print and fill out our Outpatient Check-In Form and bring it with you.

Direct Access

Our newly renovated outpatient rehab center is now open and scheduling patients. Hunt Regional’s physical therapists are trained in helping restore function and mobility after injury, arthritis, surgery, stroke, and other conditions.

Patients can come directly to their physical therapist without the delay of seeing a physician first and receive treatment for 10-15 days without a referral. If the therapist determines the patient needs longer treatment, patients can then visit their doctor and receive a referral for more extensive treatment.

Therapy services are covered by most insurance plans. Call 903.408.1886 to schedule.