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Meet Our Pathologists

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Laboratory Medicine Experts in Northeast Texas

At Hunt Regional, our laboratory services staff is led by a team of board-certified pathologists, physicians who are trained to critically evaluate lab test results.

While patients are not typically seen by pathologists, these doctors play a highly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. For example, if your primary care physician (or specialist) ordered blood work or a urine sample, it would become a pathologist’s job to review that sample for any indications of a health problem. The pathologist’s findings would then be communicated back to your primary care physician or specialist, so that a proper treatment plan could be recommended.

Though you may not meet your pathologist in person, it is important to us that you feel confident in his or her laboratory medicine expertise. To learn more about our “behind the scenes” team of pathologists at Hunt Regional, click on each physician’s name below:

Moushira A. Ebrahim, M.D.

Moushira A. Ebrahim, M.D.

Primary Affiliations: Hunt Regional Medical Center; Lou and Jack Finney Cancer Center – Greenville, TX  

Anna Yuenan Shen, M.D.

Anna Yuenan Shen, M.D. 

Primary Affiliations: Hunt Regional Medical Center and Pathology Associates of Greenville – Greenville, TX 

 To learn more about lab services at Hunt Regional, please call 903-408-1810.

If you have already received test results from your pathologist via your primary care physician or specialist, you can also visit our guide to understanding lab test results.