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ER at Hunt Regional Medical Center

Emergency Room in Greenville, Texas

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Hunt Regional Medical Center ERHunt Regional Medical Center provides emergency care at our level IV trauma facility in Greenville, Texas.

A multidisciplinary trauma team is accessible in the emergency department at all times.

Our emergency room (ER) doctors treat cardiac and other medical emergencies and trauma brought on by acute illnesses, accidents or violent crimes.

RNs on the emergency department nursing staff have completed advanced cardiac life support training. The staff also includes nurses trained in pediatric advanced life support and the trauma nurse core course.

American Medical Response mobile intensive care units transport patients to the ER where paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMT) can start performing critical emergency treatment while patients are on their way to the hospital.

In the event of critical injuries requiring treatment at a more comprehensive trauma facility, patients may be transferred via ambulance or helicopter.

Patients with medical emergencies are treated without regard for their ability to pay. If a person's condition is not a trauma or other medical emergency, payment for medical services must be made before discharge.

Because the most critical cases are treated first, there may be a wait for patients with minor emergencies. 

Learn more about wait times and common conditions treated at Hunt Regional’s ER now.