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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce a highly accurate view of the inside of any portion of your body without using X-rays. It's painless and extremely safe because no radiation is used. It has no known side effects.

MRI offers a non-invasive way to obtain information about your body. It can lead to early detection and treatment of disease because it makes it possible to see certain types of tissue. It can provide important information about the brain, spine, joints, and internal organs.

MRI scans are scheduled by your physician when necessary.

MRI machines used at Hunt Regional

Hunt Regional Medical Center

Hunt Regional Medical Center's Philips Gyroscan NT is a computerized system that offers 3-D volume imaging for very detailed studies of even the tiniest anatomical structures. Its ultra fast scanning allows shorter scan times than previously possible, meaning patients spend less time in the scanner. The patient-friendly design makes it a comfortable system with a wide patient opening and flared edges that allow more headroom.
Our equipment can be used to administer several different types of MRIs. We can take images of the:
  • Brain
  • Neck
  • Spinal cord/vertebrae
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Abdomen and pelvis
  • Ankle and foot
  • And chest. 
The Gyroscan NT can also perform advanced angiography, or vascular studies, which can not be made with open MRIs.

Hunt Regional Open Imaging Rockwall

Our MAGNETOM Verio 3T MRI is the world's first open bore 3T MRI and delivers the most accurate results available anywhere. When you need an MRI, your future health can depend on the clarity and detail of an image. At Rockwall Open Imaging, our new 3T MRI is twice as powerful as a standard MRI, making it easier for experienced doctors and our expert radiologists to analyze the image and accurately diagnose your condition.

The MAGNETOM Verio MRI offers excellent image quality and diagnostic capabilities, along with exceptional patient comfort thanks to a large 70-cm opening. With one foot of spacious headroom, patients will feel noticeably farther away from the top of the magnet.

Tight confines of older MRIs are no longer an issue with the 3T MRI. The system’s large opening is wide enough to accommodate a diverse array of patients, including those who have traditionally been hard to image, such as children, larger patients, the elderly and patients with claustrophobia. In addition, the technology of our 3T makes patient repositioning virtually unnecessary, allowing increased speed for most MRI exams.

Hunt Regional Open Imaging Greenville

The Oasis Open MRI at Hunt Regional Open Imaging Greenville is a state-of-the-art high field open MRI (1.2T) with a wide patient table for positioning patients easily and comfortably. Patients have an unobstructed view of their surroundings, an advantage for nervous, claustrophobic or elderly patients. The Oasis Open MRI scans quietly without compromising image quality. Reduced scan times and compensation for patient movement minimize the time required to complete the procedure.

Available MRI scans include:
  • Orthopedic Imaging
  • Neurological Imaging
  • Vascular Imaging
  • Internal Organ Imaging
  • Face and Neck Imaging

Preparing for an MRI

No special preparation is needed for this procedure. Patients with a history of claustrophobia or a painful medical condition can use a mild sedative or analgesic before the scan. Be sure to discuss this with your doctor.

What to expect during an MRI exam

A typical MRI exam takes 30-60 minutes. During the procedure, you will be able to talk with the technologist, who will be just a few steps away. A movable table will move your body through the magnetic field of the MRI scanner to produce images of your internal organs.

During the MRI you will hear intermittent thumping sounds produced by the magnetic field at work. This is normal. Nothing will touch your body and you will not experience strange sensations or pain of any kind.
After the exam, the radiologist will read your results and send a report to your doctor. In the event of a condition that needs immediate treatment, the radiologist will contact your doctor as soon as possible after the procedure.

Find an MRI location

We offer MRIs at three locations throughout Northeast Texas:

     • Hunt Regional Medical Center (2nd Floor)
        Please call 903-408-5010 to reach our Imaging and Radiology Department

     • Hunt Regional Open Imaging - Greenville

     • Hunt Regional Open Imaging - Rockwall

To explore other diagnostic services that we offer, visit our main Imaging and Radiology page.