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Nutrition Counseling for Diabetes

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Proper nutrition is an essential part of managing diabetes. But just because its important, doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. Many people are of the belief that those withGlycemic index food list diabetes must stick to a very strict and special diet. But the truth is, if you have diabetes, your general dietary needs are pretty much the same as everyone else’s. What you really need is a strong awareness of the food choices you are making – this is where our experts can help.

Personalized Nutrition Guidance from Our Registered Dietitians

At Hunt Regional, our registered dietitians can help you better understand the “science of nutrition,” and teach you how to pick the right foods to manage your diabetes. Additionally, our experts will also take time to review your diabetes diagnosis, personal dietary history and nutritional needs. When you meet with one of our registered dietitians, he or she will:
  • Review your current eating habitsWhole wheat bread and fruit
  • Evaluate your current nutritional status
  • Help determine your nutritional needs
  • Help you set personal nutrition goals
  • Educate you on how to make good food choices
  • Assist you with diabetes meal planning – both for eating in and dining out
All of our diabetes nutrition sessions are by appointment and require a referral from your doctor. To get started, have a conversation with your primary care physician or specialist about diabetes self-management through nutrition counseling. We also encourage you to learn more about our other services, which include diabetes education and weight loss counseling.

Do you have questions? Give us a call at 901-408-5130 for more information about our diabetes self-management services.