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The importance of heart-healthy foods


When it comes to your heart, what you eat matters. Heart-healthy eating involves consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, fish, lean meats, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, soy products, legumes, and vegetable oils (except coconut and palm oils). Also, it limits sodium, saturated and trans fats, added sugars, and alcohol.

Public notice of meeting


Public notice of meeting

Talking to teenagers about drug use


January 22 is National Drugs and Alcohol Chat Day. We've included some questions and answers on this page to help you start a conversation with your teenagers about their exposure to drugs and alcohol and what they can do if they or someone they know needs help.

Public notice of meeting


Notice of Educational Program


Notice of Deadline to File Application for Place on Ballot


Flu activity increasing


Flu activity is increasing in the United States, as expected during this time of year. There is still time to get vaccinated for influenza. Most influenza illnesses occur in January, February, and March.

New diabetic foot ulcer treatment on the horizon


Diabetes is the leading cause of lower limb amputations. New options for successfully treating and healing ulcer wounds may help prevent lower limb amputations.

Shaw Orthodontics presents check


Shaw Orthodontics in Rockwall recently presented Alicia Wittkopf, Hunt Regional Healthcare Foundation director, with a $1500 check for Bras for the Cause, adding to last year's event total.

Three resolutions you can keep


Resolutions are as much of a New Year’s tradition as black-eyed peas. Although we might not make it to the gym every day, lose 20 pounds, or fill our savings accounts quite as much as we would like, there are plenty of positive changes that are easy to make.

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New orthopedic surgeon joins Hunt Regional Medical Partners


Hunt Regional Medical Partners is proud to welcome Joshua Acree, D.O. to their team of specialists. Dr. Acree joins Hunt Regional from Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh, where he also served as team physician for the Pittsburgh Pirates.