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Bras Rock

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Nightmare on Breast Street
Designed by Fritz-Greenville Production - Phillip Stegall, Dana Melton, Juanita Kelbley & Nathan Perry
Bra Entry #88
Gaga for Tatas
Designed by Fritz-Compliance - Chanelle Baker, Phil Coffman, Mike Carlo, Milleo Melendez, Joseph Dickens, Sherrie Allison, Matt Foster & Yvette Zachary 
Bra Entry #89
Bras Rock 2018 Tour
Designed by Fritz-HR - James Simmons, Eva Johonnesson & Brenda Henry
Bra Entry #90
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Designed by Briarcliff Health Center - Frances Denton
Bra Entry #91
White Out Cancer! Mammograms are Life Savers! Get yours today!
Designed by Carevide - Sara Fluegel
Bra Entry #92
Designed by Carevide Pediatrics - Sara Fluegel
Bra Entry #93
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Bra's Rock!
Designed by Carevide Women's Center - Sara Fluegel
Bra Entry #94
Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
Designed by Landon's - Chris Norfleet
Bra Entry #95
Designed by Janie Cruz
Bra Entry #96
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Live to Fullest
Designed by Janie & Rosemary
Bra Entry #97
"Dog Tags"
Designed by Turtle Creek Veterinary Medical Center - Russell & Jennifer Butler, Jenn Little & Nichole Draude
Bra Entry #98
Shredding Cancer
Designed by Vanguard Resources Inc. - Hilary Smith & Kenny Murphy
Bra Entry #99
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3D Coming
Designed by Hunt Regional Mammography - Kerry Starnes, Susan Starnes, Randa Chastain, Amy Eppler, Amy Langley, Katrina Mays & Kali Cox
Bra Entry #100
Witchy Woman by Eagles
Designed by X-Ray Department - Becky Smith
Bra Entry #101
And Justice For Bra
Designed by Hunt Regional Medical Center Medical Records Department - Clayton Wood, NellAnn McBride, Darcie Kilgore & Jennifer Cooper
Bra Entry #102
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Green Lightning
Designed by D. Earls Tax Service - D. Earls Crew
Bra Entry #103
Kiss Cancer Goodbye
Designed by Bella Cosmetology College - Karra Davis, Megan Fritz & Jordan Beeler
Bra Entry #104
Sweets - Kiss Cancer Goodbye
Designed by Bella Cosmetology College - Sarah Brown & Ali Pippin
Bra Entry #105
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Purple Rain
Designed by Bella Cosmetology College - Cece, Dakota, Brenda, Morgan, Denise, Jazmin & Hannah
Bra Entry #106
Beat Cancer
Designed by Bella Cosmetology College - Jaime Wellborn, Brittney Watson, Sheryl Thomas & Morgan Blackburn
Bra Entry #107
Purple Rain Wash Cancer Out
Designed by Bella Cosmetology College - Ayzia Vasquez
Bra Entry #108
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