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Sammy Says, "Get Your Mammy!"
Designed by Rose Hayden (with Sammy Hayden)
Bra Entry #1
For Those We Love
Designed by Frances Dalbey
Bra Entry #2
Holding It Together
Designed by Colonial Lodge Assisted Living
Bra Entry #3
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Wash Cancer Away
Designed by Fran Treadaway & Barbara White
Bra Entry #4
2020 - The Year We All Lived in ….
Designed by Kevin Banks & Pud Kearns
Bra Entry #5
Back To Our Roots
Designed by Patti Murray, Heather Prather, Sarah Osman, David Farmer & Jimena Barcelo
Bra Entry #6
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Covid 19 Warriors
Designed by Reagan Olsen
Bra Entry #7
2020 Has Been a Beach
Designed by Caddo Basin Special Utility District - Michelle Matcalf, Kristi Sutton, Sasha Francis, Shelley Shipp & Tera Wendland
Bra Entry #8
Lio & Stitch Means Family. Family Means No Body is Left Behind or Forgotten
Designed by Ivey Koch
Bra Entry #9
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BRAriel - the Wino Mermaid
Designed by Wine Your Way Social Club - Katy Ridge, Patty Donaho, Pamela Vicars, Roxanne Turner, Patti Humphries, Audrey Cook, Gloria Jordan, Beverly Rohred
Bra Entry #10
You're a Wonder, Wonder Woman!
Designed by The Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum - Karen and Kristen Still
Bra Entry #11
The Great Mysteries (and such) of 2020
Designed by Hope Health Care - Melissa Woodall
Bra Entry #12
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Social Distancing The SISTERS!
Designed by Cornerstone Insurance - Katy Ridge, Keri Maynard, Amy Welch, Becca Welch, Debbie Payne, Marci McCoy, Jan Frank, Robert Frank, Chelsea Hughes
Bra Entry #13
For My Mom
Designed by Katy Ridge
Bra Entry #14
Until We Meet Again
Designed by Hope Health Care - Nicki Blunt & Keely Chapman Floyd
Bra Entry #15
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Zombie BRApocalypse "The Thrilla in BRAzilla"
Designed by Hunt Regional Lab Solutions & Family - Bonnie-Jean & Delaney Stewart, Blanca Torres, Haylee & Avery Denton, Fynlee Loucks, Erica Parks, Machelle Jesko, Gabriella, Julian & Jealynn Delgadillo, Staria Hashway
Bra Entry #16
Dance the Rona Away - 80's Style
Designed by Texas Oncology - Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center - Kim Johnson & Co-Workers
Bra Entry #17
Betty Boopies Mourns the Arts
Designed by Partnership for the Creative Arts - Lori Ulmer, Daniel Smith, Pip Bickford, LaNell Brown
Bra Entry #18
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Covid Went on My Safari Vacation (and Not Me!)
Designed by Janeen Cunningham
Bra Entry #19
Keep Reaching for the Stars
Designed by Gary Woodall
Bra Entry #20
4-H Under the Sea
Designed by Hunt County 4-H - Kaitlynn Hughes, Kacy Pullen, Ava Fry, Trinity Riley, Jacy Sharkey, Kayla Gossett
Bra Entry #21
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