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How Hunt Regional Makes Patient Safety a Top Priority

When it comes to a hospital stay, a patients’ main focus is recovering from the condition that led to admission. And this aligns with a medical staff’s goal of providing treatment. However, healthcare professionals have another top priority that may not be as widely recognized – patient safety.
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Guide to Checking Your Heart Health at Home

During a wellness visit, your heart is used to receiving your primary care physician’s undivided attention. He or she makes sure it isn’t under too much pressure, acts as a good listener, and isn’t afraid to level with it. The problem is, many hearts don’t get this amount of attentiveness outside of the doctor’s office.
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5 Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of us may be looking for some last-minute date ideas. This year, challenge yourself to come up with a plan that not only takes your relationship into consideration, but your heart as well.
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Heart-Healthy Foods for Women to Work Into their Diets

This past Friday, February 3rd marked the fifteenth celebration of National Wear Red Day®, a day reserved to raise awareness of women’s heart health. And raising this awareness is vital, because heart disease is the number one killer of women. But there is good news, too.
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6 Healthy Reversals to Make this Opposite Day

January is often the time of year when people set goals and begin making positive changes, especially when it comes to health improvements. If you’re one of these people and are looking for some healthy inspiration, what better time to make changes than Opposite Day (January 25th)?
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Tips for Staying Safe While Playing Winter Sports

It’s important to remember that everyone – whether you’re a beginner or an athlete – is susceptible to injury. Understanding the risks associated with winter sports, as well as preventive measures you can take, is the most effective way to avoid a trip to the emergency room.
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5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

In theory, coming up with New Year’s resolutions is an encouraging way to work toward achieving a set of goals. Unfortunately, it’s very common to set unrealistic goals that remain unaccomplished. So what is the key to sticking to your pledge? Being honest with yourself about where you are now, and establishing goals that are within reach.
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Common Winter ER Injuries & Illnesses in Northeast Texas

Winter is a common time for injuries and illnesses that require emergency treatment. Whether you’re putting up Christmas lights on your home, traveling to visit loved ones or stepping outside of your home on an icy day, it’s important to keep health and safety in mind so you can avoid a trip to the emergency room.
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