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Fall 2017

Cath Lab Patient - "They eased my mind on the procedure and calmed my nerves. They took great care of me before and after the procedure and kept my family informed the entire time. I just want to thank them all for what they did for me. It really meant a lot to me and my family."

Outpatient Rehab Patient - "I really look forward to coming for each visit. They make me feel like myself again."

Outpatient Lab Patient - "I have been coming to this lab for many years and it by far has the best employees!"

Behavioral Health Patient - "Everyone was nice, helpful, respectful and kind."

3 West Patient - "The doctors, nurses, and entire staff were just really good to me. I really appreciated them."

Quinlan EMC Patient - "Very well pleased. Care was excellent. Very professional."

Radiology Patient - "The staff was great. They were on time and very nice. I had a great experience!"

Hunt Regional Medical Partners Family Practice at Emory Patient - "This office is more on top of things, more helpful, and more together in every way than any other clinic, office, or hospital we have ever been to. Just wow!"

7th Floor Patient - "I send my thanks to all of you on the 7th Floor. I don't have all of your names, but I do know each of you are both friendly and professional. May you continue to make life better for all of your patients."

Greenville ER Patient - "The nurses and doctors here went above and beyond with my treatment. I was seen quickly, they were compassionate and genuine, and made sure I was well informed on my condition. I truly felt well cared for. In addition to the exceptional treatment in the ER, they assisted in finding me a follow-up doctor. I recommend this hospital to everyone."

4 West Patient - "The staff was extremely kind and friendly. They explained everything they were doing when they came in my room. They made sure they got to know me as a person and I was just very impressed with the entire staff."

Greenville ER Patient - "The nursing staff was awesome. They made me feel at ease."

Outpatient Rehab Patient - "They are awesome! I always looked forward to my therapy because of the staff and facilities."


Summer 2017

Open Imaging Rockwall - “My experience at HROI in Rockwall yesterday was outstanding. Your staff was wonderful, from start to finish. I don’t remember everyone’s names, but I did not encounter anyone who was not friendly and caring. I will go back to HROI-Rockwall without hesitation.”

4 West - “Everyone was so nice and kind. Everyone went that extra mile to make sure I was taken care of. Thank you so much for your excellent care.”

ICU - “The nurses down in the ICU were excellent. They always come in and they have a cheerful attitude and that made me feel better about being in the hospital.”

3 West - “What I received was friendship. They thought of my comfort and they were always right there ready to help in every way they could.”

Infusion Center - “Every employee involved in the process was super nice, informative and genuinely seemed to care about my health. It was very much a blessing to be able to get this done in my hometown. I highly would recommend this to anybody.”

Greenville ER - “I just want to say thank you for the excellent care and immediate attention I was given. I truly believe you all saved my life and I will never forget it. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude.”

Acute Rehab - “The 7th Floor staff gave unselfish attention to every patient in need. This includes the food service staff, the lab staff, the therapists, the nurses, and the nursing assistants.”

Spring 2017

Home Health - “I don’t think I’ve ever come in contact with a better staff. You should be very proud of your staff. They all did a great job.”

Greenville ER - “Everyone was fast, competent, and caring. All employees seemed very knowledgeable and knew their responsibilities. They wasted no time in moving forward with treatment.”

HREMC-Quinlan - “All of your folks were truly outstanding. I was put at ease immediately upon arrival and received care above and beyond any reasonable expectation. Keep up the great work!!”

Surgery Center - “I had the best surgical team today. I was scared when I was taken back to the OR, so the staff gathered around the stretcher I was on and prayed. I cannot begin to describe the sense of calm and peace that came over me. They were very busy, but they made me feel like I was the only patient they had. There are not enough words to describe how amazing Hunt Regional’s staff treated me.”

Outpatient Behavioral Health Family - “My brother likes to be around people, even though he sometimes gets out of hand. He looks forward to going to your group settings. If he didn’t, he would be back to his old self. Y’all have saved his life. As long as he continues to go to your facility, I don’t worry about him. Continue doing what y’all are doing because it does make a difference in people’s lives.”

4 West Patient’s Family - “Thank you so much for your expert and loving care of my husband. I will always be grateful that you helped me lie beside him and hold him in his final moments.”

Winter 2017

Cardiac Rehab Patient - “Absolutely love the staff!"

Outpatient Rehab Patient - “This was my third or fourth time to use this facility. I keep coming back because it is excellent. I think it is well-run, the therapists are the very best and it is clean and well-equipped."

HRMP Emory Patient - “I feel like family when I‘m here. You are all great!"

3 West Patient - “Your staff has been spectacular in the performance of their duties. Every one of them displayed genuine concern and ample attentiveness. They deserve a congratulations for a job well done."

3 East Patient - “Everyone was friendly and caring. I appreciated all they did to make me as comfortable as possible. You have a wonderful staff!"

Behavioral Health Patient - “Everyone was extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this facility. Thank you all."

Greenville ER Patient - “Everyone, everything, and the staff were just as kind and helpful as they could possibly be. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the Emergency Department and the staff of people who took care of me. I would certainly not hesitate to use this facility again. Thanks to everyone!"

4 West Patient - “I loved being with the staff. Everyone was wonderful. I even wrote them a thank you note upon discharge. If I didn‘t miss my kids, I would‘ve stayed. I actually enjoyed being in the hospital."

OR Patient - “The nurses were very attentive, friendly, and professional. They put me at ease before and after the procedure. They also sent me a nice follow-up card that they hand signed."