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Why Larey Melton Chose Hunt Regional to Fight for His Life

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You may not think you’ll ever need an emergency room. When you see a new, state-of-the-art emergency department being constructed across town, you may think to yourself, “That’s great, but I’ll never need to go there.” Until one day you do.

That’s exactly what happened to Larey Melton and his wife, Deleen. One day, Larey began showing clear signs of a heart attack, and the couple found themselves speeding towards Hunt Regional Emergency Medical Center at Commerce, which had opened its doors just two weeks prior.

Once inside the doors, emergency room physician Dr. William Jones and respiratory therapist Lynsi Boles immediately came to their aid. They whisked Larey onto a stretcher and hooked him to an EKG. The doctor’s sole focus was on Larey – so much so that Deleen stood by, directionless, observing the scene unfold.

“I was watching everything,” Deleen said. “They had no time to deal with me or take me out. It’s a good thing they didn’t…because I would have opened the door back up.”

Soon though, Larey went into cardiac arrest. The medical team, which now included RN Mark Wright, attempted CPR and then resorted to the defibrillator. Nothing happened after the first shock.

The second shock, however, surprised everyone.

Fighting for Life

Larey came back fighting.

“It’s unusual for patients to be alert after being shocked,” Mark said. “Most are unable to talk. I have only been able to carry on a conversation with two people that I’ve done CPR on. But nobody has ever come up swinging.”

After being transferred to Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas, Larey underwent double bypass surgery the next day and was discharged four days later.

Today, Larey and Deleen are thankful for not only the overall outcome and their fast thinking, but the fact that Hunt Regional was physically there.

“After we came back to visit, Dr. Jones said I probably had about ten minutes,” Larey said. “Which meant that if [Hunt Regional Emergency Medical Center at Commerce] hadn’t been there, it would have been a problem. [W]e didn’t have ten minutes to get anywhere.”

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