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Why Betty Williams Chose Hunt Regional to Bring Healing Home

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Specialized treatment isn’t always right around the corner. That was the scenario Betty and her husband, James, found themselves in when they spent three long months traveling from Greenville to Baylor for cancer treatment.

And before her husband passed away, he told Betty he wished they had never left Greenville.

That’s what motivated Betty to make it possible for other patients to stay close to home when seeking specialized treatment.

“I know firsthand the inconvenience of being away from home, family and friends with a loved one critically ill,” Betty said.

And that’s exactly why Betty – a friend of Hunt Regional Medical Center and Hunt Regional Healthcare Foundation – changed the face of medicine through VGo.

Telemedicine at Hunt Regional

Following her husband’s death, a golf outing was held to raise funds in his name. Around the same time, Betty learned of Hunt Regional’s interest in developing a telemedicine program. She knew immediately that she wanted to donate the funds from the outing to the telemedicine project.

That’s how VGo came to be. VGo is a revolutionary robot that allows Hunt Regional to provide telemedicine services from any location with wireless Internet access. No special devices are needed. The technology also encrypts the information to ensure patient privacy and protection.

So, how does the robot work? It has a high-resolution, maneuverable camera with the ability to zoom in on injuries, limbs or even the inside of a patient’s mouth – all while staying a comfortable distance away from the patient. Hunt Regional is the first in the region to introduce telemedicine using robots like the VGo.

Opening Virtual Doors

Not only does VGo allow patients to virtually communicate with doctors, it also allows medical staff to access valuable consultations from specialists located all over the country.

“This will allow patients to stay in Greenville while still having the luxury of receiving second opinions from a specialist,” Betty said.

Hunt Regional has three robots currently in use for telemedicine purposes, with more on the way thanks to the Hunt Regional Healthcare Foundation board members. But it all began with the vision and determination of Betty Williams.

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