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How Hunt Regional’s ER Saved Peggie Darby’s Life

No one expects to pay a visit to the emergency room (ER). And no one ever wants to visit one. But if that need should arise, it’s good to know there’s one nearby, ready to help.

That’s what happened to Peggie Darby when she saw her primary care physician for severe abdominal pain. Her doctor sent to Hunt Regional’s emergency room immediately, where she was examined by emergency department physicians and given a CT scan. They quickly discovered Peggie would need emergency hernia repair surgery.

Peggie’s hernia was severe because it caused the blood supply to be cut off, increasing her chances of tissue death in as little as six hours. This created an urgency, and Peggie’s doctors knew they needed to repair the hernia quickly.

The Road to Recovery

Hernia repair surgery was the first step in a long journey at Hunt Regional. After Dr. Viet Phuong repaired the hernia, Peggie was admitted to the hospital and spent eight nights recovering from the surgery and the intestinal blockage that developed as a result of the hernia.

During her stay, Peggie remembers the pleasant, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

“I can’t say enough about the care and the friendliness that I received while I was here,” said Peggie. “Everyone was cheerful, from the people who came in with the cleaning staff to the doctors. The nurses really put in long hours…and they were always cheerful and always gave the best of care and never complained. I was just most impressed.”

Emergency Services at Hunt Regional

Choosing Hunt Regional for health and wellness wasn’t ever a major decision for Peggie. From 2006 to 2012, she served as a member of the Hunt Regional Healthcare Foundation board, where she helped with major projects including the opening of the Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center. She’d always admired the hospital’s work, but had never had an insider’s perspective. Until being admitted for hernia repair.

“I was glad to see how the hospital operates,” Peggie said. “Not that I was glad to be a patient, but I did see firsthand the operation that was a positive result.”

The multidisciplinary trauma care provided at Hunt Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department was essential to the urgent treatment that helped Peggie recover faster. The staff of ER doctors, nurses and others played a huge role in helping Peggie recover – from the day she stepped foot in the ER to the eighth day of her inpatient recovery.

Even when least expected (or wanted), Hunt Regional was there.

“I just think Greenville is so fortunate to have this hospital and the facilities that it offers,” Peggie said.

Learn more about the emergency services at Hunt Regional today.