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Why Kay and Dale Allen Chose Hunt Regional for Cancer Care

Kay and Dale Allen aren’t lifelong Greenville residents. In fact, they spent many years in Virginia before deciding to move to Greenville to be closer to family and friends already living in Texas. One of the deciding factors for choosing Greenville was Hunt Regional Medical Center.

“We saw there was this big, growing hospital,” said Kay. “Little did we know that less than a year after we got here I would need that [new] cancer center and that it would be a life-saver for me.”

Kay was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. She and her husband vividly remember the time spent soon after at the Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center, where Kay underwent a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“That is where our relationship with the hospital really began,” said Kay.

Care When & Where It’s Needed

For 35 days straight, Kay visited Hunt Regional for her breast cancer radiation treatment. She became a regular at the facility, learning her way around and forming friendly relationships with nurses and medical staff. Kay also grew to appreciate the calm, family-like atmosphere which made her feel at home.

“You’re not on a factory line,” said Kay. “I’m on a first-name basis with the nurses.”

Her entire trip to and from the facility, plus the time taken for radiation treatment, amounted to less than an hour – a convenience Kay knows she would not have found elsewhere.

“All of my procedures were done at the hospital,” she said. “I didn’t have to go to Dallas until they needed me to have some tests done that I couldn’t have here. Which now, we can do.”

The staff at Hunt Regional’s Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center were there for Kay and her husband Dale from the beginning in a way that will forever be ingrained in their minds and hearts. Physicians like Dr. Meera Shreedhara were also there for them six years later when a scan revealed a possible breast cancer relapse. With quick action, however, Dr. Shreedhara was able to rule out relapse – the spot on the scan was merely scar tissue.

A Long Term Relationship

Today, Kay and Dale are still heavily involved with Hunt Regional. So much so that they chose to make Hunt Regional a part of philanthropic efforts through the avenue of planned giving. This form of charitable donation includes different types of gifts that individuals choose to leave when they pass away. This could include an estate, monetary donations, equity and even property.

It is because the gift happens after death that donors are able to give more than they would through their existing income while they are still alive.

Now, why did the Allen’s choose to give so selflessly to Hunt Regional?

“As part of giving, you think about who do you want to give back to? You want to give back to those places that had an impact for you and those places that you feel like have the potential to impact the rest of the community,” said Kay.

For the Allen’s, that’s exactly the kind of place Hunt Regional is, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their donation, time and kind words.

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