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Why Dr. Steven Brancheau Chose Hunt Regional Healthcare for Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Steven Brancheau knows surgery. He knows it better than the average patient, at least. That’s because Dr. Brancheau is usually the one performing the surgeries. Like any other human being, however, Dr. Brancheau wasn’t exempt from health problems. As years went by, Dr. Brancheau’s hip joint gradually deteriorated to the point where it was too painful to live with. Dr. Brancheau needed treatment.

He first turned to nonsurgical treatments, including pain management injections, with help from Hunt Regional Healthcare’s Dr. Liao. These treatments lasted three years until they were no longer effective enough to reduce the pain and discomfort Dr. Brancheau was experiencing.

“It’s one of those things when you weigh the benefits with the risks and if it hurts bad enough for long enough, it’s time,” Dr. Brancheau said.

So Dr. Brancheau chose to undergo total hip replacement surgery. On April 30, 2014, he found himself on the other end of the scalpel.

Renewed Mobility

Total hip replacement surgery

It wasn’t long until Dr. Brancheau had the renewed, pain-free mobility he’d been looking for. Outside of work, he could enjoy his everyday activities being outdoors on his ranch without discomfort or agony. He could work on his tractor and trailer again. And he was eager to get back to riding horses.

But why choose Hunt Regional for a hip replacement surgery when you have endless options at your disposal? Dr. Brancheau will tell you that he was told by many colleagues to go elsewhere. Even to Chicago. But he chose to have his hip replacement surgery at Hunt Regional.

“I could have gone anywhere I wanted to go,” Dr. Brancheau said. “But I didn’t want to go anywhere. I felt comfortable here. It wasn’t just the doctor, we felt comfortable with the scrub nurses and the whole staff.”

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