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Amelia Bowen’s Road to Recovery at Hunt Regional Rehabilitation Center

Not every rehab patient at Hunt Regional is there because of a stroke. Sometimes other life events occur that result in disability. That’s exactly the case for Amelia Bowen, who was injured in a serious automobile accident on July 1, 2013.

While stopped and waiting to turn, Amelia looked in her rearview mirror to see a truck barreling towards her – she knew she was going to get hit. The truck not only hit Amelia’s vehicle, but caused many other vehicles to collide. The result for Amelia was two broken legs and a near-fatal condition. She was transported by helicopter to Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Not only was Amelia clinging to life, but she almost lost her leg. It was barely attached, and the other leg was broken all the way to her hip.

She spent ten days at the hospital in Dallas, but was then transferred to Hunt Regional so she could be closer to home. It was there that her long rehabilitation process – including learning to walk – began.

“I had to learn everything”, Amelia said. “It took four people the first day to move me from the bed to the chair.”

The Hunt Regional rehab staff worked with Amelia over the next three months to help her regain the use of her legs. This required daily rehabilitation therapy and much determination.

Amelia can now stand and walk several steps, but is still on her way to recovery through at-home therapy. Despite everything she went through, she’s extremely grateful for the progress she’s made and the medical staff who helped her get this far.

“These people have been wonderful,” she said. “I am telling you, this is the best place.”

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