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The Evolution of Hunt Regional Healthcare

If you’ve lived in Hunt County for most of your life, you’re probably aware of the many changes this health system has undergone over the years. From a four-story hospital with 96 beds to a comprehensive health system with a wide array of services and locations, our structures have transformed since 1971. But the physical structures aren’t the only features that have changed.

Our identity has also changed over the years. We have not always been known as Hunt Regional Healthcare. In fact, some people still call us by our former names. Let’s explore the evolution of Hunt Regional Healthcare to better explain where we’ve been and where we are today.

In The Past

Citizens General Hospital

Our beautiful facility was first established in August 1971 when Citizens General Hospital was built on 11 acres in west-central Greenville. The original structure had four stories and 96 hospital beds. This was the starting point – the foundation – of what Hunt Regional Medical Center has become today.

Hunt Memorial Hospital District

Ten years later, in November 1981, Hunt County citizens voted to expand the hospital district to become county-wide. The new district was renamed Hunt Memorial Hospital District. This district came under the management of an elected nine-member board from the four-county precincts and one at-large representative.

On September 24, 1983, Hunt County residents voted to approve a $12 million hospital expansion program that included the purchase of a 30-bed hospital in Commerce. Around the same time, four additional floors were added to Citizens General Hospital in Greenville, increasing its total square footage to 59,000 square feet.

Presbyterian Hospital of Greenville and Presbyterian Hospital of Commerce

At this point in time, what is today Hunt Regional Healthcare was made up of two hospitals: one in Greenville and one in Commerce. In 1993, however, those two hospitals were renamed to Presbyterian Hospital of Greenville and Presbyterian Hospital of Commerce.

The greater Hunt Memorial Hospital District continued to grow. Expansions included the addition of the surgery center, a medical pavilion, an expansion of the emergency department, and a medical office building. In 1997, the Truett and Margaret Crim Maternity Department was built.

Presbyterian Medical Plaza in Quinlan

In 1998, Hunt Memorial Hospital District opened the Presbyterian Medical Plaza in Quinlan. This 10,000-square-foot facility gave us physician office space, a laboratory, and areas for diagnostic imaging and physical therapy.

Soon after the addition of this facility, in the spring of 2005, Hunt County voters approved a $24 million bond package to construct a “west wing” at Presbyterian Hospital of Greenville. This facility was built to house a comprehensive cancer treatment center and expanded intensive care unit.

Hunt Regional Healthcare

Today, we have officially transformed into Hunt Regional Healthcare, with our primary facility named Hunt Regional Medical Center. This name change isn’t about a new service, building or wing. It’s about who we are. It’s about all of our facilities coming together under one home. One system. Hunt Regional Healthcare. We want all patients and visitors to fully understand who we are, what we stand for, and what our evolution over the years has helped us accomplish: improving the health of the people in our communities by providing quality, cost-effective and service-oriented care.

Please continue to learn more about Hunt Regional Healthcare, our history, and how we can help you today.

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