Hunt Regional Healthcare is now live in the HASA community-based health information exchange (HIE) for North, South and West Texas


Hunt Regional Healthcare is now live with HASA—the health information exchange for North, South and West Texas regions—marking a milestone for Hunt County and surrounding areas in which doctors and health care providers will now have electronic access to patient records from other providers. This is especially important in the event of a medical emergency.

Hunt Regional joins hundreds of data senders across Texas that are participating in HASA’s health information exchange, which now contains more than four million individual patient records and more than 14 million patient encounters.

“We’re very pleased to make this announcement, because it means that Hunt Regional’s healthcare providers—and its patients’ records—are now connected electronically to thousands of other health care providers throughout the state through HASA’s strong and growing HIE, strengthening an important quality of care safety net for patients,” said Jim Hoag, market lead for HASA’s North and West Texas area.

HASA’s infrastructure is built to ensure privacy and security of the patient’s record. The data is secure, encrypted, both at rest and in transit, and meets all federal and state requirements for privacy and security.

Connecting with HASA means Hunt Regional’s medical staff will have the most information possible to make informed decisions for patients. Patients should gain peace of mind knowing that doctors will have secure access to medical information.

HASA is working in collaboration with community and healthcare leaders in Texas to build out an advanced public information exchange that supports local needs and improves the healthcare experience for providers and patients within the community.

HIE is the electronic movement of health-related information between healthcare providers and systems. Partnering with an HIE allows healthcare providers to have access to clinical patient information in real time, when care is needed, and it empowers patients because it gives them access to their own medical records.

About Hunt Regional

Serving Northeast Texas patients and their families, Hunt Regional Healthcare facilities are regional leaders in women and infant care, minimally invasive surgery techniques, orthopedics, cancer care, telemedicine, wound care, and advanced patient-safety technology. For more information about Hunt Regional Healthcare or Hunt Regional Medical Center, visit

About HASA

HASA is a Texas-based, multi-region collaboration building the safe and secure infrastructure between healthcare providers’ electronic health records (EHRs) making it possible to exchange information across differing platforms. Seamlessly aggregating and sharing critical patient information allows for more efficient and informed care, by reducing duplication and eliminating unnecessary procedures. HASA offers a one-of-a-kind suite of services aimed at health plans, hospitals, providers and patients that include real-time alerts, historical and predictive analytics, a patient health record and community resource collaboration.

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