Hunt Regional first to use artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer


Hunt Regional Medical Center in Greenville introduced the addition of 3D mammography this month, supported by iCAD ProFound AI cancer detection software. Hunt Regional is the first medical center in Northeast Texas and the nearby DFW Metroplex to offer ProFound AI, the most cutting-edge breast cancer detection software available.

ProFound AI is a high-performance, cancer detection technology built on artificial intelligence. The software is used by radiologists while reading 3D mammograms.

The FDA approved technology is clinically proven to increase cancer detection rates, reduce false positive rates and patient recalls, and significantly decrease interpretation waiting times. As cancer rates continue to rise, this benefits patients by helping find cancer sooner, while reducing unnecessary concern from false positives.

3D Mammography, like Hunt Regional’s recently installed GE Pristina, creates a 3-dimensional picture of the breast using x-rays. Breast cancer, which is denser than most healthy nearby breast tissue, appears as irregular white areas on mammogram images. The new technology is trained to detect malignant soft-tissue densities and calcifications with increased sensitivity. It also provides radiologists with scoring information indicating the likelihood that a finding is malignant.

3D mammography is rapidly replacing traditional 2D mammography due to its clinical value in cancer detection. Although the advanced technology is becoming the standard of care, it presents significant challenges to radiologists due to the time required to accurately read the extensive amounts of data collected in 3D scans. ProFound AI provides a solution to the increased workload for radiologists moving from 2D to 3D mammography by reducing radiologists’ reading time by more than 50 percent on average.

“We are proud to be the first medical center in the region to begin using ProFound AI for digital breast screening. We are moving ahead of DFW breast centers as the first installation of this recently FDA approved technology,” said John Ervin, imaging director for Hunt Regional Healthcare.

“Timing is everything and for patients with hidden breast cancer, the combination of 3D mammography and cancer detecting software led by artificial intelligence could be life-saving,” he said.

The AI technology is currently in use at the hospital’s main imaging center in Greenville. To schedule a mammogram at Hunt Regional Medical Center, call 903-408-5010.

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